United States of America has been the top most humanitarian country to help and resolve issues in the world. At Advance DNA we see that our country gets back its title of keeping citizens safe and also the safety of the officials who put their lives ahead to protect and serve us from all incidents. The current system has enhanced 911 service, which can only provide voice call features with some approximate location based with nearby cellular towers from the caller.

Living in the 21st  century the only thing not evolved along with technology is emergency field.In future we look forward in minimizing risk and situations like these so that the citizens feel safe and worry less about the safety and concentrate more in development of this country’s future.

The Wake Up

My personal experiences brought me to found this company on basic principle that is saving lives and to develop this vision into reality so that someone don’t lose their lives or loved ones. This could only be done through one vision and helping our fellow human beings by erasing all our differences.

Mahmut Dinc ( 24), early January 2015 , New York City.

Dinc had suffered from seizures and was unconcious his roommates noticed and reported to 911. Due to lack of medical knowledge they could not explain the situation, the ambulance arrived late and was admitted to Mt.Sinai hospital in upper east New York.

An hour later I arrived at the hospital and wait for the doctors to analyze what happened to him. After 8 hours at the hospital the doctors diagnosed and found that he had been through periodic epileptic attack which lead to unconsciousness and unresponsive leading to coma. He could have been saved immediately with immediate response and a video evidence to show the doctors what actually happened during the attack.

I realized that in this modern world we all get to post our stories and happiness though social media platforms, so why not use the technology around us in saving lives.

Since then my perspective changed and around this Advance DNA is built. Dinc’s case is not the first type of case, there are more complicated and simple situations where each and every life could be rescued if only we had the same technology like social media but only for emergency responses. This is our principle to look further in the future of emergency responses and this is how Advance DNA stands with all the emergency responders.

– Mohammed Adil – Founder/ CEO


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