ADVANCE DATA NETWORK ANALYTICS is a futuristic Drone and Robotics company developing technologies in Emergency Response management and Urban/Sub-urban transportation with Artificial Intelligence. As we progress towards the future where A.I and robotics will advance Human capabilities, emergency response and transportation have been left behind for decades in technology. At Advance DNA we envision sustainable future in these fields and create cutting edge technology in resolving issues related to them.


Our solution minimize the response time of 911 calls, save and protect the people and first responders by reducing the risks involved in any dangerous situations. We envision the emergency services for the near future by upgrading the current technologies to Next Generation – 911 that can resolve current issues and help first responders and hospitals save lives faster. The interoperability issues can be diminished with our solutions and transform current operations with ease, and breaking the technological barrier between first responders and public. At Advance DNA, we provide Next-Gen Software as a service, Robot as a service and Drone as a service and Medical IT for the current public and next generation children with advanced technology and education.


Revolutionary drone transportation that will eliminate Traffic problems, Ambulance issues & Med-Evacuations for the passengers, patients, first responders and military personnel. Autonomous technology will cut down the traffic issues and road accidents where hundreds of lives are lost every day. These will protect and save our soldiers who are in the line of duty day and night protecting and serving our great country the USA. We see the future of emergency response, transportation and military operations standing along with Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), National Emergency Number Association (NENA), Department of Transportation (DOT) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of Emergency Medical Services. Together we can build a sustainable future.